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Digital visibility means more potential customers for your company.

Digital marketing! In this process, we try to form a comprehensive picture of all marketing initiatives connected to the digital world. We will also cover different digital channels such as social media, search engines, websites and email. The various possibilities for digital marketing are useful when a business wants to generate potential customers, and potentially a sale. Are you planning to improve your digital marketing strategy to create growth in your business’s sales? Well, digital marketing is one of the best tools you can adopt for your business. Most people have a great product or service, but they don’t know how to get it out there. Digital marketing can be of great importance to your company, but it is important to know how to use it. To get the various digital marketing services at a reasonable price with good results, you can contact us at Brawon. This is your chance to connect and engage with your audience.

Quality Services We Offer

Brawon as a full service digital agency is proud to offer you the following services to elevate your business on all digital platforms.

Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a marketing method that many people make good use of, and that is by buying advertising placement. This measure then allows you to get a paid placement, but the advertiser must be paid by the platform every time someone clicks on your ad. It is important to distinguish between PPC and organic audience visitors, as the procedure for the two methods is different. Another important point is that search engine advertising is one of the best forms of PPC. Looking for competent PPC managers? Then you must contact us in Brawon today. Our team will analyze the requirements your business has and will then arrange a tailored strategy to market your business. We offer the following services:

Facebook Ads:

Facebook is an important platform for showcasing your services and products. The number of users on Facebook is in the billions, so contact us today to get started with your Facebook advertising.

PPC Supervision:

Are you not getting the desired amount of leads? Hire PPC specialists in Brawon for an audit. The experts will thoroughly analyze everything from ad copy to keyword integration and other important calculations to make your ad campaigns profitable.

Google AdWords:

Do you want to promote your business well on Google? If yes, then Google Adword is the platform to display your ads. All prominent companies use Google AdWords, and many experience good results.

Ad management:

Having problems managing your ad campaigns? No need to worry! Just contact us at Brawon and we will take care of your PPC ads.


Remarketing is a measure used to bring in leads that have shown interest. We create targeted advertisements to capture the attention of the customer again. There are many companies that lose major sales opportunities by not adopting such measures. Contact us today so you don’t miss out on such an opportunity.

Marketing via social media

Did you know that 50% of the world’s population uses social media? This is approximately 3 billion users worldwide (Statista). With such a large audience, it’s easy for businesses to get lost in all the noise. It is therefore important to be targeted with the use of social media, and to arrange a strategy that gives your company a competitive advantage. The use of social media is probably one of the best things a company can do, because it allows the company to engage directly with end users. Contact us and our team will help you set up a digital strategy and action plan for your social media.

72% of digital ads were viewed on mobile in 2019. (eMarketer)

Content Marketing

Content marketing will cost you 62% less and will generate 3 times more potential customers compared to traditional marketing. (DemandMetric) To do all of the above, you need content! That is why all agencies spend time emphasizing that “Content Is King”, because it is precisely what differentiates your business from the competition. Having an experienced team of content producers is something we do not take for granted, and it is precisely these content producers who have helped our previous clients. Content marketing helps to form a visual image of your company and it is where the customer forms their first impression of your business.

Visual Content (Graphic Design)

Did you know that in 2019, 74% of marketers said that 70% of their content is some form of visual? ( The statistics clearly tell us the importance of visual content marketing and the impression it leaves on the customer. Marketers use graphs, images, GIFs and other forms of visual content to promote their services, which attract the desired target audience, which in turn leads to increased sales.

Video marketing

Did you know that in 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads? (Citco, 2019). Video is something we see everywhere, and over the last few years it has become a prominent tool used by businesses and individuals. Videos allow you to tell a story, but in a more creative and engaging way. It’s one of the reasons why apps like TikTok have made it so big, it’s entertaining and easy to follow. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we’ll get you started with video marketing.

Brawon- Why are we the right choice?

The team at Brawon has many years of experience as digital advisors, content producers and developers, and with a good combination of highly technical and creative members, we feel we have found our perfect mix. Employees are what make the company go round, and we have therefore prioritized bringing in the best from all fields under one and the same roof to offer our services. If you are still in doubt, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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