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Detailed SEO Analysis To Fix All Your Errors On Your Website!

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important factors in making your business visible for the global audience. Google is the leading search engine today, and knowing how to establish yourself in its search results is paramount! To increase your leads, you need to achieve a higher ranking. To reach this goal, a higher ranking in SERPs is required. One important thing that you should keep in mind is that SEO is a long-term process but will definitely help you reach the target audience. In this process, it is also important to calculate the essential metrics of customer engagement on your business platform. More importantly, this is done before starting SEO development for your business website.

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SEO Analysis- What We Will Do?

Brawon is a skilled marketing agency with years of experience and a competent team. SEO analysis is a detailed process and it has a different element that needs attention to reach the desired results:

SEO Metrics

There are two types of SEO. First off is onsite and the second is offsite. During our analysis, our team ensures that all factors are paid attention to, to avoid complications later down the line. Proper understanding of all the relevant metrics for improving the ranking and placement of keywords.

Design Flaws

The design of your website also plays an important role and it is one of the key components included when doing the SEO. The placement of content should be done properly, so as not to create a clutter of keywords within the content layout. This will affect the ranking of your Google SERPs.

Usability Issues

Simple navigation across your website makes for easier customer experience. Easily digestible content that is easy to navigate through, makes browsing your websites pages a more pleasant experience. By ensuring this you will be increasing the chances of customers finding more of your products. During our analysis, it is ensured that there are no usability flaws. This will include factors like the loading speed of your website, navigational layout, and much more.

By ranking on the first page, 67.60% of the clicks will be coming from the first five organic results.

Content Fixation

Content and SEO go side-by-side. SEO optimized content will ensure that your content is reached as intended. Keyword placement is important and needs proper attention. Keyword density needs to be quality checked.

Technical Aspects

You might be surprised by this, but SEO is also affected by the technical aspects. Things like crawls error, loading speed, XML site, website’s robots, txt file, keyword cannibalization, and much more. Our experts will ensure that all the technical aspects are measured properly to avoid the issues later.

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