Video Marketing

Increase Your Web Conversion Rates Up to 34% With Video Marketing

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform on the internet. Users all over the world including the businesses have their own account on YouTube in which they upload content. Web pages that advertise through videos on YouTube have experienced an increase of 157% in organic traffic.

Incorporating videos into your business marketing strategy can greatly enhance your exposure to a wider audience. We offer our services to assist you in this regard. Our team of expert marketers will assist you in creating engaging video content to increase your brand awareness and audience reach.

Surprising Facts About Video Marketing

Brawon provides quality services to ensure beneficial results for your business. Online video content is a crucial component in an effective marketing strategy and is used by international enterprises today. But there are some interesting other facts that we would like you to know about online video marketing:

  • Half of the consumers mention that when they watch product advertisements online, and that they experience greater confidence in purchasing such products.
  • Consumers who watch videos stay on the respective website who hosts the video content, for more than 2 minutes and there is a 64% chance that they will make a purchase as well.
  • A video has a 50% higher chance to rank on the first page as compared to the traditional pages.
  • According to a study, 74% of the people will end up buying products in which they watched video content that explained the product. 

“Marketers who use video content grow their revenue 40% faster as compared to those who don’t” (

Essential in Today's online marketing campaigns!

Marketing through video content has benefited companies worldwide and now it’s your turn to make use of this powerful tool. An average person spends 1.5 hours watching online content a day, and 60% of the businesses use video content to market themselves. So then miss out, connect with Brawon today and let us assist you!

How Brawon Can Help You?

Video marketing needs a lot of planning and well thought out narrative structure. Brawon offers a wide array of services to compose the ideal video content for your business. We offer our clients:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Pre-production
  • Editing and post-production
  • Graphics creation
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Video SEO and much more.

Connect with us today and we will assist you in using all the latest tools and techniques in video production. We ensure we will deliver engaging content that is clearly providing your brand message to your audience.

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