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Rank higher on Google Maps for more potential customers

In the past, the customer’s search for the desired product or service could be difficult. Today, Google Maps has made it easy for the customer to search. They only need to enter “keywords” related to the business they are searching for, and Google will provide the business’s address, website, contact information, reviews and a wide selection of businesses that offer similar services or products. Ranking higher in the search results is very positive for any business, as it will give increased exposure and make the business more visible to the public. If you want your business to rank higher in search results, Brawon is here to help you achieve this goal. With our marketing and web application developers, experts will guide you in the right direction.

What is Google Map Listing?

Google My Business is a platform that enables business owners to list their business online. This allows your business to appear in Google search results. This helps companies to increase their exposure, to make them more visible and attract stakeholders to their websites.

How can Brawon be of service to you?

As Brawon’s team is well experienced in digital marketing, they have a deep understanding of the digital marketplace. Our competent marketing team will be able to offer you a comprehensive analysis of your presence in the digital landscape. This is carried out in order to provide tailored advice, specified for your company’s current marketing situation. Furthermore, Brawon’s team will develop an effective strategy with the aim of generating an increased sales rate for your business. Details of the services offered by Brawon’s marketing team within Google Maps Marketing are as follows:

Verification of your business

The importance of a high ranking in Google’s search results is crucial for effective marketing and for expanding one’s customer reach. If you rank higher in the search engine, customers will be able to find your business before they find your competitors. In order to be visible in Google’s search results, a business must be approved through a verification process through Google. Brawon is at your service to verify your business, so that your business address and website are visible in the search results and on Google Maps.

Categorize your business

The next step for your business is to choose a related category that describes your business operations and purpose. This is important to distinguish your business from other businesses present on Google’s platform. The reason for this is that keywords related to the company’s operations lead customers to you through online searches. Your business will be visible worldwide.

256 countries and territories are listed on Google Maps purchases ( and

Display Your Company's Contact Information and Business Address Worldwide

Contact information is central to your customers being able to reach you. Google Maps is the perfect platform to provide customers with your current contact information and business address. Information that is readily available to the public makes it easier for customers to learn about your business and allows them to seek you out more quickly.

Images that represent your business in the digital landscape

Customers are tempted by what they can see. By displaying images of your business in Google’s “maplisting”, you can show your business premises from a page that best represents your business. This allows the customer to view the products and services offered by them.

Request or update reviews

Updated reviews in Google’s “maplisting” are important to show the quality of the services offered to searching customers. Positive reviews give customers a sense of security in choosing a business over potential competitors. Asking customers to share their reviews is a powerful tool to improve your brand’s reputation and create increased exposure.

Add a map application to your website

In order to build up accessibility for your customers, we enter your company’s location through a map plug-in on your website.

Why choose U.S?

Brawon’s team of skilled digital marketers will be able to offer you the best services in organizing and updating your Google Map Listing. Our team comes with:
  • Extensive experience in local SEO services.
  • Domestic SEO experts at your service.
  • A comprehensive and effective local SEO strategy.
  • Satisfactory results for local customers.

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