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A website is necessary to maximize the customer's digital experience!

Why is Brawon the right choice?

With many years of experience behind us, we can safely say that our services are of high quality. This claim is based on our own processes that have been improved over the years, but also the creative and technical team we possess. We at Brawon have been involved in countless projects, where our team of specialists have been challenged and we can proudly say that our team has always delivered. A small part of our process is the initial meeting, where we discuss and collaborate with our customers, to nail down the vision and objectives for the project. Knowing why you should do something is an important component that many people exclude. Still wondering why you should choose us? Below we have some other reasons:

Elegant Design

We believe that an elegant and user-friendly website is ideal. The website of a business is most often where the customer forms their first impression of the business, so invest where it matters. Contact us at Brawon to get an attractive and user-friendly website.

Responsive website

A fast and responsive website is the need of every business regardless of its scale. The business must always provide a smooth and good experience to customers when they visit the website. In order to acquire a responsive website, it is important to have a strong foundation in both coding and design. There is no need to settle for anything less than the best, contact us today and let us help you.

Quality and affordability

Brawon is known for combining quality services and reasonable prices under one roof. In our book, reasonableness does not come at the expense of service quality, it is not debatable.

75% of website credibility is due to web design (webfx.com)

Services coming your way

Would you like to explore our web design services? Take a look below to get an insight into some of our services:

UI / UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the two most important components in the design of a website. It is the agency or designer’s responsibility to come up with a design proposal that is both user-friendly for the public, but which is in line with the company’s identity. Whereas UI deals with how the user interacts with the website, UX is how the user experiences the website. A harmonious combination of both should allow users to easily navigate through the website to find the desired information. How this information reaches the customer, both in the form of colors used, graphs and placement of content has something to say. Creating that balance between UI and UX design is something our experts have spent years mastering.

Graphic design

Graphic representations are also an important component of web design. They provide the aesthetics of your website and it helps to capture the attention of the customer. It is more likely that the brain remembers an image or something graphic, than a text they have read, therefore we recommend all our customers to use graphic design, it gives your website that little something extra. This is something we are good at, so do you want to improve the look of your website? Get in touch today and our skilled team will guide you!

Maintenance / support of the website

Website maintenance isn’t something you want to think about, is it? No problem, let’s take care of it. Brawon is here to help you in every possible way. Should problems arise related to web design, user experience, web development, domain hosting or general maintenance, our experts are ready to help you.

Let's get a collaboration going.