Google Map Marketing

Rank Higher On Google Maps For More Leads

Previously the customer’s search for the wanted product or service could prove difficult. Today, Google Maps have made search easy for the customer. They only have to type “search words” related to the business they are searching for, and Google will provide the business address, website, contact, reviews and wide assortment businesses offering the wanted service or product. Ranking higher in search results is a big positiv for any business as it will enhance its exposure, making it more visible to the public audience. If you want your business to rank higher in search results, then Brawon is here to help you reach this goal. With our marketing and web-application development experts will guide you in the right direction.

What is Google Map Listing?

Google My Business is a platform that allows for business owners to list their business online. This allows for their business to appear in Google search results. This helps businesses to build exposure, making them more visible and attract visitors to their website.

How Can Brawon Help You?

Being experienced in digital marketing, Brawon has a broad understanding of the in and outs of the digital marketspace. Our competent marketing teams will provide proper analytics to provide advice tailored to your business current marketing situation in the digital space. Onward Brawon will develop an effective strategy to elevate the sales of your business. Details of the services provided by the Brawon marketing teams in the field of Google Maps Marketing is as follows:

Verification of Business

The importance of a high ranking in Google search results is paramount for effective marketing and for broad customer reach. If you can rank higher in the search engine customers will be able to find your business before finding your competitors. To be visible in Google’s search results a business is required to be approved through a verification process provided by Google. Brawon will help you verify your business so that your website business address and location will be visible in search results and Google Maps.

Categorizing Your Business

The next important step for your business is to select the related category describing your operations. This is important to separate your business from other businesses present on the platform. The reasoning for this is to have search words related to your company’s operations lead customers to you. Your business will be visible from around the world.

256 countries and territories are listed on Google Maps (

Providing Contact Information & Business Address To Your Customers

Contact details are important for your customers to reach you. Google Maps is the perfect platform to provide your customers with current contact information and business address. If the information is easily accessible to the public, then they can ask questions related to your business and guide them to your business location.

Photos Representing Your Business on Map Listing

Customers are tempted by what they can see. Providing photos of your business to the map listing enables you to show your location from an angle best representing your company. Through this customers can view your products and services offered.

Request or Update Reviews

Up to date reviews on the maps listing are important to show the quality of your services to searching customers. Positive reviews provide customers with a sense of security by choosing your business before potential competitors. Request your customers to share their reviews to improve your brand reputation and increase your exposure.

Add Map On Your Website

To be accessible to your customers, we will embed your business location on your website.

Brawon- Why Us?

Brawon’s team of expert digital marketers will provide you the best services regarding the Google Map Listing. Our team comes with:

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