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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your business to increase its visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). We are all aware that Google is the leading search engine in the world because majority of the brands try their best to rank higher to attract potential customers. By taking this into account, our aim is to increase the visibility of our customers. Our experts do whatever it takes to rank you higher on the search engines and by optimizing your content according to SEO guidelines. There are several methods that will be used, which we mention below.

How will visibility help your business?

The service or product you sell probably experiences billions of searches worldwide. Something that surprises many is that 95% of searches made around the world are made on Google. For us, it is clear why optimizing your business is important. If your business does not rank well, you lose the chance to bring in potential leads that can in turn turn into sales. Hence, it is to be noted that SEO professionals have to work hard to get the desired results. Search engine optimization is not a job that is done overnight, it requires time and patience to get the desired results. Our competent team of experts will thoroughly analyze your website to find out all the necessary key factors. They will then go over what problems there are, then solve them, so that your site can rank higher.

“SEO brings 1000% more traffic compared to the other organic social media (BrightEdge).”

4 focus areas for SEO

SEO marketing is an accumulation of four important things. It is important to harness the power of all four components to achieve the desired results. We’ll discuss all four below:


Everyone will soon be aware of the expression “Content Is King”. Your content should be optimized as much as possible, within SEO guidelines, to rank higher on the search engine. Proper integration of keywords will help your business become visible to the desired target group. Furthermore, you need to keep up to date with the changes from Google algorithms to develop a better content strategy, but we take care of this.

Technical aspects

Google does not only prioritize good content, but there are other technical factors that are important to address. It is important for the experts in the SEO agency to ensure a good structure on the website, the speed of the website and other technical factors that come into play.

Link Building

Building links is very important to rank your content. This is an important activity called off-page SEO. This is done outside the website itself, but it contributes to increased traffic for your site.

Social commitment

SEO is not only done on your own, it is important to consider other platforms on social media. It is important to combine the effects of SEO with social media platforms that are relevant to your business in order to increase the engagement and presence of your business.

Quality services without disappointment

Take a look below to see what services are offered as part of SEO to improve the ranking of your business:


SEO is an important player in improving your online visibility. If you want to be sure that all important calculations are working optimally, it is important to carry out a detailed SEO analysis. Don’t know how to do it? Contact the SEO specialists at Brawon for a complete SEO analysis of your website. The team of specialists will use the most prominent tools and techniques to identify problems and areas of improvement in your SEO.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool that allows you to manage your visibility on Google. You can control how your company will appear in front of your audience. You can provide important details such as opening hours, phone numbers, business address, map locations and photos to improve the impression your audience gets of your business.


Do you want to improve the visibility of your local business? If your answer is yes, local SEO is the right tool for you. Just so you know, local SEO services can generate 30-50% of organic leads for a business. An important component in this process is local keyword research. This can be decisive for your business. If you want to use Local SEO, contact us.

Google Map Marketing

Let Brawon take control of your digital vehicle. Just like SEO and local SEO, Google Map listings play an important role in attracting potential customers to your business. A business must update their business address, categorize their business, add a photo, phone and address, add a map to a website, and request reviews. This is crucial for a business that wants to improve its visibility, as Google rewards businesses that do this.

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