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Website maintenance - Everything you need for your online business

Regular maintenance is necessary for the day-to-day operations of any business. This applies in particular to companies’ websites and digital platforms. They require regular maintenance so that their online operations and presence remain current and operational at an optimal level. Central to the maintenance of an online platform are backup copies of data, monitoring, updating content and technical support. Brawon offers a simple solution, all under one roof. We offer the digital maintenance services needed for your website to function exceptionally at an affordable price.

Important highlights of our services

Brawon’s skilled team is here to offer its services regarding maintenance and user supportTo give you an insight into how we work and what we can offer you and your business, let’s look at some highlights of how we operate.

1. Proactive approach

Errors or components that have passed their due date will negatively affect a company’s website in terms of functionality and security. To correct this, working with skilled professionals who are up-to-date in the field of website optimization will ease an otherwise tiring and slow process. When you hand over the job to us, we will actively monitor and update their website and provide you with a backup for your insurance. At Brawon, we work hard to stay within an agreed timeframe, and we are proud that we always deliver on time.

2. Our Team

Behind every successful project is a competent team. At Brawon, we offer services from a competent team of web developers, designers and marketers. Our team is here to be of service and is happy to take on the responsibility of delivering good solutions for the ongoing maintenance of your website.

3. Affordable services

Maintaining a functional online presence shouldn’t be a staggering expense! At Brawon, we ensure that our customers get the best solutions without overburdening the economy.

74% of users return to mobile-friendly websites. (

Quality services offered by Brawon

Updated content

Content is the basic material of any website. Keeping a website’s content up-to-date and functional for user interaction is of the highest priority for day-to-day operations. Our team will be at your service to maintain and debug the following aspects:

  • Update information, promotions, news and announcements.
  • Create and place Adobe PDF documents.
  • Image placement and format adjustment.
  • Development plan for implementing content updates.

Restructuring of your website

It is important to ensure an optimized website structure. Without a consistent structure on your website, you are not going to achieve optimal results. Our team will work on the following aspects of your website in order to deliver optimal restructuring:

  • Assist with solutions to improve the website’s appearance and layout.
  • Assist with execution of planned updates.
  • Carry out a complete analysis of the website’s information structure and architecture.

Revision of websites

Revision of one’s website is highly necessary in today’s digital landscape. Auditing provides information about the functionality of your website and allows developers to identify problems or weaknesses immediately, in order to then carry out ongoing corrections. Our team can offer you:

  • A detailed analysis and review of your website.
  • Testing and reviewing your workflow.
  • Copywriter for increased search engine optimization.
  • Solutions to improve the loading time of your website.

24/7 technical support

Brawon offers 24/7 technical support! Should problems arise with domain hosting, backup copies, cyber security, our competent team is here to serve you.

Contact us today to ensure the maintenance of your website by our competent team of professionals.

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